Diva’ni begins with you. Your innermost feelings, wants and desires to break free. Your hopes and dreams. The cinematic you. One who is unreal and unabashedly romantic. Your inner feminine, liberated from shackles of conformity and everyday expectations.

Yes it sounds romantic and cinematic. Because that's the essence of Diva’ni.
After all it is India’s first cinema-inspired ethnic wear label. One that derives inspiration from the dream merchant of Bollywood himself, Shri. Yash Chopra, whose heroines are as unforgettable as the hauntingly beautiful imageries he captured on the camera.

Brought to you by Yash Raj Films and KBSH Private Limited, Diva’ni brings out the stunning diva that lives within you. Discover your brand, your fashion.
I worked on this logo intro animation which was showcased on the launch day.
The Stage set up.

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